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That was the beauty of the peasant class in our society; their deaths were often overlooked. A rivulet of sweat slid between my breasts in the abnormal heat of the spring dawn, and a mild sense of irritability was all I felt that morning. I weaved a levitation spell, which aided in the creation of an incredibly tragic watery grave for my deceased maid. We made an excursion to the beach, she and I, while the streets were still barren of vendors and citizens alike. The figure rolled in fabric looked nothing more than a bundle of tailoring necessities as it floated gently over the tide. Once a suitable distance away, where I was positive that her corpse would not wash up on shore, I let the bundle kiss the pale surface of the ocean. I withdrew my psychokinetic hold on the roll, and a splash sounded, marking the beginning of her journey to the sea floor, which lay hundreds of yards below.

I always knew I would need a different maid; one with a mild mind, who would not bother questioning the person I presented, nor be overtly curious with my works.

It was not my fault that she got herself killed.

Hardly two hours before, I had returned to my apartment in the early hours of the morning, where nocturne held dominion and the sun had not yet risen. That evening, I had learned that I did, in fact, possess a heart, and it had been taken to places I feared to exist. Such ache and remorse has quite a remarkable strain on the mind. As such, it was on my very last thread that I retired to the welcoming comfort of my study, with its tall-standing shelves and plush crimson rug. The oaken door swung open easily, and my eyes rested not on solitude, but rather the imbecilic maid caught in the middle of theft. How foolish. Shock captured her frame in an iron grip and held the wretched scum rigid as stone. Jade eyes rounded as they beheld me, and I tasted the sweet presence of Arcane around her. Her incantation ended in a choke with the barest spell from me. It was a betrayal, one that left me feeling as violated as I would were it men forcibly having their way with me, rather than a shallow girl rifling through my innermost sanctum.

A sense of calm collection descended upon me. With my approach, the stupid girl scuttled backward all very crab-like and collided with a shelf, which caused a rain of artifacts and books to crash down upon her. Depersonalization was upon me, when I regarded her and saw the solidity of pale fingers beneath a swirling, sickly shroud covering her features; my own claws that pressed with impending violence beneath her eyes. A scream pushed through the petty gasping, and her eyes rolled in protest and filled with tears, but I cared naught for her fear. I felt the incantation unfold in my mind, with the subsequent pulse of shadow that marked the spell’s cast. Wispy tendrils of shadow wormed their way into her skull, and I felt, rather than saw, the sudden wet warmth of blood coursing over my hand. I heard another sound build in her throat, but it was choked off in a gurgle. Finally, I looked, and her eyes were no longer in their sockets, replaced instead by wet strings of the optic nerve. The orbs themselves danced along my knuckles and her lips were contorted in the scream that never sounded. My creeping shadows had quite literally devoured her brain, leaving naught but the tea-like fluid to ooze from every orifice in her skull.

I felt a thrill burn hot through my veins, a contrast to the chill of the void that took the wretch’s life. As a statue come to life, I released my hold on the corpse and watched it slump to the floor.

There’s always something invigorating about extinguishing the Light.


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