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Commission (NSFW)

This is Lady Azriah with her lover, Izulde Netherstar. I am in love with this.


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It was getting to be a late hour in the night, and the duelist had taken it upon herself to colour her hair – something to occupy herself in an inn room that offered little more than a bed, washbasin, table and mirror. The warm glow of candles kept the darkness at bay, and there were various bowls along with mortar and pestle strewn all about the room. To humour the monumentally messy task of dying her hair, Iseulte wore a simple over-sized linen shirt, whose pristine white colour was lost in splats of dried crimson paste. Presently, she was standing before a mirror smearing the herb paste on her scalp, and long ears that had been stained by the dye flickered as she listened to the sounds of the tavern below. 

Light-footed steps on wooden stairs jarred her attention from her task, and her fel-tainted gaze snapped to the door as a knock sounded sharply. The duelist hesitated, unsightly as she was – what with the hair paste and the stained shirt – but before she could call out a greeting, a sealed letter was slipped beneath the door. Those footsteps turned away then, and grew fainter as they descended to the tavern. Iseulte blinked owlishly and made a grunt in her throat; letters were not something she received often. She thrust her hands into the washbasin and scrubbed the paste off in the cool water, all the while squinting to see the seal on the envelope from afar. Finally, she stood and wiped her hands dry on the unfortunate shirt, and strode swiftly to pick up the letter.

There was no question of recognizing her brother’s errant scrawl, even before she started to read the content of the letter. At the recognition, her heart picked up pace and her breath caught in her throat. The excitement of her breaking the wax seal tore a small hole in the parchment, but the duelist paid no heed as her jade eyes drank in the penned words. She walked to her bed where she flopped to the middle of the mattress as she read, and the movement jarred a stray lock of golden hair – missed by the crimson dye – into her face.

Iseulte might have read the letter at least three times before formulating a response. She rifled through a satchel and withdrew ink, a quill, parchment, and the gold flame upon blood-red field of the Sunguard tabard. She settled at the ancient desk with a candle to light the parchment, though the paling sky outside the window was bound to render the candle unnecessary. 


I’ll have your head the next time you make any attempt to disappear on me! The time has seemed short but for every moment of it, I swear to you my heart bled. Mother has come to accept my status as a soldier, particularly with my enrollment in a particular order – which I’ll get to in a few moments. Though she ages by the day, she is lovely and far too stubborn to pass on. Dyanae is … herself. 

However, Lasrodin, a warrior of the Light? By the Sun, I never thought I’d witness such a thing! And here I always looked to you as my idol for dueling. Well then, no matter. I shall not mock you for your discoveries. I’d like to try my hand at sparring. You are not the only one who has been learning new things, brother.

After floundering about the destroyed villages from the Shattering, I chose to return to Silvermoon City. There I found a call to arms for a private military organization known as The Sunguard. They are the elite soldiers of Quel’thalas, and have cowed the Alliance into such submission that none dare test their might beyond small skirmishes in the forests. Felthier Truefeather leads the organization, and if the name sounds familiar it is because we met his son, you and I, during the Third War.

Speaking of his son, the war effort against the Kirin Tor has lead to the necessity of my taking upon an apprenticeship to become a Spellbreaker. Telchis and I train relentlessly, and allow me to say, I have a newfound respect for anyone who can effectively wield a shield. Wretched chunks of wood, they are. I am far too accustomed to my claymore. There is little more that I love in this world more than combat, brother. I find swordsmanship consumes most of my days – if I am not actively in the defense of our lands, I am performing dueling the lordlings at their dinners for coin and free food. That is, I live by my own hand now.

Nonetheless, Lasrodin, the Argent Crusade was a noble faction during the war against the Scourge, but now time has proven that relations with the Alliance are on the descent.

You will find enclosed the tabard of the Sunguard. 

Come home, brother, and join a worthy cause.

With love and the Sun’s blessings,



Thus satisfied with what she wrote, the duelist compiled a package and brought it down to the Innkeep where it would be delivered by mid-morning.

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